Neji Hyuuga

SoF - Chap 2

Garden bird - A Neji/Hina fic

It's been a while hasn't it?! Well, decided to put my act together and fight the heat that's making me act so sluggish and lazy and finish up this chapter. For starters, after typing up what I had written, I wasn't pleased with it at all. The characters in the chapter, such as Hiashi lacked proper-ness and finesse. And also it lacked a lot of content, so I practically re-wrote it.

I put a lot of my heart and soul in this, so I'm praying for a lot of good reactions to this one. And I hope to get a update to this one soon too!

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New Fanfic: The Expatriate

The Expatriate - A Ulqui/Ruki fic

Wow, it's been a long time hasn't it?! I've been meaning to update this journal in the longest considering that I have a lot to talk about writing-wise. Script frenzy, new ideas, fanfics--in the mists of major reorganization... yeah... whole bunch'o stuff.

Well getting to the focus of this post. New fic! This falls under my series of bleach romances the main focus of this one being Ulqui/Ruki. I sure you guys have wondered what kind of wack title I came up with? *laughs* It's a term I learned in a business class I took last year. If you look it up it just simply means; an outsider/immiagrant someone foriegn that comes to live in a place. In business world it's a employee that transfers to a different country to work at a different branch of the same company. It's such a fancy word for just saying "outsider" that it just stuck in my head grew to be the title for this fic. I've written two chaps for this ages ago and I just wanna put it up. Just because I haven't been updating or tying up anything lately... I've been so busy... like all the time! *sobs dramatically* And it doesn't help that I lack my own internet...

This is supposed to be like another "AoM" intriacate, dramatic with alot of focus on the interior feelings of the characters. This fic is a bit more than just a romance; it's something that makes you think and wonder as you formulate your own opinions on the events throughout the story.

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Neji Hyuuga

New Fanfic: Spirit of Flight

Spirit of Flight - A Neji/Hina fic

Hello ppls! And Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!

Well, because of my lack of updating anything in FFnet, I'm starting to focus on typing everything I have written out which is quite a dosey... one of them being eight chapters that I've written for "NSSCN" a Samurai Naruto story. I also have a couple of new stories the share to the world, that previously I was thinking about putting after I finish with others, but too much time is passing and I need to get all of these stories and chapters up on the web for people to read... I'm tired of rereading the same old things *laughs* they need to be put up and put out of my mind, so I can move one... One of them is this story: Spirit of Flight.

Okay, here's the background on this, Spirit of Flight is a prototype to how I'm going to write, Zero Gravity my original story. If anyone has read my previous entry about a Heroine/Hero story idea... this is it. Zero Gravity is about an unusual girl named Yorui that becomes a sky captain and builds the ultimate crew. So vice versa, Spirit of Flight is the Naruto version where it's about Neji that becomes a sky captain and builds the ultimate crew.

I wish to develop Zero Gravity as a comic, but well my drawing skills leave something to be desired... but beside that for those interested I'll be working on a entry that talks about Zero Gravity more in detail. Spirit of Flight will be abbreviated to SoF for the convenience of my typing, thank you ^_^".

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Neji Hyuuga

Garden Bird - Chap 4

Garden Bird - A Neji/Hina fic

Hello, hello... how's the holidays going for everybody? Little better than me, that's for sure. But to tell you the truth, I'm not really complaining all too much... Ahh well anyways... Garden Bird has been a story that I've broken my head in pieces trying to work out, and well, I'm not a person who likes to give up on story ideas too easily especially this one because I've worked very hard on this concept for what seems like the longest time. And then there was a period where I stumbled across a commentary that indirectly quoted my fanfic as a means of making a point... Well basically it proved how ignorant and I was... but it exposed one of the greatest flaws that I have as a writer:

I don't do research on the subject I write about.

Simple as that. And it's something that made me realize and learn... something that I will remember when I work on my original scribbles. And so realizing that this is fanfiction I decided not to stress about it and keep it the way it is... I didn't change the concept that Hinata and Neji couldn't bear children because of their family relationship, but I needed to work on something else for the meantime that didn't have anything to do with it. And so I pick up themes of "flying", "selfish-love", and "Cities in the sky" for a Neji/Hina story that is capable of being equally romantic... I ended up calling it Spirit of Flight in which the setting that I'm using for that story is actually from the hero/heroine story that I'm working on.

I wonder if anybody reading this can understand what the hell I'm trying to say... well regardless I've finally recovered the inspiration needed to work on Garden Bird again and I finished up with chapter four which is going to be a bit more longer than my other chapters previously. In the pro

Chapter 4 - The Gossip, the lovers, the truth
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Reversing Anime Archetypes

How did the concept come? Oh yes, I was in deviant art when I saw a beautiful drawing. It was called "At World's End" and it featured a helpless hero wrapped in bandages thrown at the feet of a child reaper.

I'm a fan of her work and this one was no less. But what struck me was at the very end in the comments she said, "I'm tired of seeing weak heroines so I decided to make a weak helpless hero". And the thought stuck to me and it stuck so bad that I decided to work on my own helpless hero but also on his opposite, the strong heroine. But one that reflects almost exactly what a protagonist in a shoenen manga would be.

Brave, fearless, incredibly strong, likable by almost everybody, hogs the spotlight, pushes the storyline along. Contains unique physical traits, and has unique history... and lots of others that I have failed to mention.

The more I thought about it the better the idea sounded. And I set it in a fantasy world where the continents are suspended in the sky and instead of sailing oceans, they sail the skies and she will become an infamous sky captain.

Her name is Yorui, Yui for short the same sounds like "Into the night" in Japanese. I chose that name because I wanted to have something to compare her to. Usually heroes are represented as good by light and flame and other righteous things... but I want to use a dark element to represent her and so it as something good. Weird but I'm trying to be different to emphasis that it is a heroine that is not like the others out there.

As for the hero he's be like the side character that works close with Yui and his name is Hikaru which I know has some meaning of "light" in it.I find it that they'd make an interesting pair Night and Day.

As for a title for this said story... eh lots to be worked on... but the foundation looks pretty good to me...
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Chewing my Brain off

Fanfiction Index

My mind is thinking of yet another fanfic.... ughhh the plot bunny is chewing my brain off. It's a Ukitake/Rukia well more like a triangle Ukitake/Rukia/Byakuya one. I started writing it down and I wrote an entire synopsis! It starts with stating that Bya and Ruki are blood siblings and that their parents died and losing everything because of a hidden gambling debt their father had. Ukitake takes them in and the story shoots off from there. I want to write a prologue story explaining how Ukitake got sick and the reason why he acts the way he does.

I like to keep the characters as cannon as possible with a little tweaks here and there...

And it goes on from there. With ideas after ideas. I wrote several pages to "Spirit of flight" which is a Neji/Hina one that I began to plan out after a negative feedback I got from "Garden Bird" that made me feel like crap. Regurdless I'm still going to work on GB as well. I also wanted to start writing "Hana-sama" and I wrote chapter one for "The Expatriate".

On other projects, I've got the basic concept for "Evil Angel" down pack. I'm planning to use the crossover concept that's used in "Tsubasa Chronicals", and blend characters from my other unpublished stories into this one. Seriously those CLAMP girls are little geniuses. Now I need to write up a storm... cuz I'm behind in the whole Nanowrimo thingy. If you don't get what I'm saying just comment me with your questions...

In truth... no one has ever place a comment on this blog since I've started it... but, I'm not expecting it, because it's something to inform rather than be interactive feedback...
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AoM - Chapter 13

The Art of Manipulation - A Gin/Ruki fanfic

I wouldn't be surprised if pitchforks start flying at me... The last time I've updated it was in July... oh god... but in truth, it's not the cause of pure laziness and I'm not hiding behind the shield of writer's block either... Lots of things happened and I mean lots. An old friend of mine committed suicide. Which shocked me tremendously. My car... then school then... the computer.... yeah... but now things are getting back to normal again which means back to writing... I finished the rest of this chapter in about two weeks. Writing every night from 11:00PM - 2:00AM when everyone in the house is sleeping...

Well enough about me...

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One-shot fic: Zack's Memory

Zack's Memory - A Zack/Tifa one-shot

Hello! It's been a while, but now I'm really getting back. I've re-read one of my old fics I have posted and I've realized how messy it looked grammer-wise and well as in the layout. That's not the only one either... I guess that means I'm improving. If I see differeneces with my current ones in comparison with the old. So, I'm looking through and fixing up all of my current fics that I have up. Also I've finished chapter 13 of AoM! So I'm going to type that up and I've posted up a new fic as well. It's just a one-shot that's been swimming around my usb and I cleaned it up and posted it. Anybody knows about Final Fanstasy VII?
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I gotta Wordpress!

Ummmm is livejournal gonna get mad at me?!

I donno, but I love both websites, I really can't part with either, which is why I'd decided to dedicate this journal only to my writings and the such. But those who have a wordpress blog and want to check out mine here you go!

Musings on Fiction and Fantasy

There, I talk about anything that hits my fancy (mostly about anime actually) anybody can leave a comment or two. So there! Bya-kun is my avatar and any future posts I may have I'll use this user pic.

As for my stories; I've yet to type up "Whose the Greatest?" and an update post for "Art of Manipulation" is soon to come! Until then, bai-bai...