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When the First Love - Chap 14

Hello, everyone. I've actually updated this chapter sometime ago, but I never wrote my thoughts on this chapter well... because there really isn't anybody reading these entries. Regardless, I write them because it's something I like to do...

When the First Love Dies: 14th Song - Drama Club

This chapter is in Len's POV one that I haven't written in a long time.

The only thing that Len can think of is executing this play. He wants to make it really special, since in away, he sees it as a way to "confessing" to Miku, the romantic feelings he's been harboring for some time now.

But there are a lot of elements that are occurring around him, Miki is missing and his sister is looking for her. Matsuda Ppoiyo is concerned for Miki all of the sudden, and Miku rather quiet. Although Len quickly dismisses it as nothing.

Well, but as the reader you do realize that Miku, is going through the events of last night in receiving the text she got from Kaito. The next chapter will be from Miki's POV and will clear out Matsuda's weird behavior.
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