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When the First Love - Chap 13

I finally come around to finish this chapter. I've been working off and on, with this one for some time. I originally planned to have finished with this chap and then take a break, but I think that I'll just try to continue it when I can. I'd like to see if I can finish this story and move on to the Kaito one-shots. But we'll see what happens.

When the First Love Dies: 13th Song - Creepy Luka and the Final Response

This chapter could have gone in so may directions. And there were several factors and information I wanted to plug in, but it would have made the conversations with the characters seem too clunky, so didn't add them.

I just hate it when the actual written product never matches the conceptualized idea... *sigh* Well moving on, in this chapter you get to see Miku's home life a bit more. And Luka reveals big news which turns out to be well received.

But the biggest part of this chapter is Kaito's text that finally reaches Miku right before she goes to bed. It's a whole mixed up situation because Kaito does admit on holding romantic feelings for her, but at the same time he pushes her away, as he tells her that "I can't do this".

Miku gets the impression that Kaito feels disgusted in being with her. That such feelings were a guilty pleasure, and that perhaps he didn't expect her to feel the same way. But when she did, he immediately back off and decided to cut off all physical contact with her.

That is all Miku's perception on the situation. She in a way, won't stop loving him, but she realizes that she would have to move on. But for now she just let herself sink in that feeling of rejection.

She returns Kaito's text, with a love confession. One that she had originally planned to tell him in the first chapter of the story. She thanks him for give her that feeling of love, and it's something that she truly is honest about.

The next chapter will focus on Len's POV and the events that occur in school the next day.
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