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In Regards to Shion Kaito: A collection of one-shots...

Okay, it seems like I love to give myself more work. Or I'm just strung along an unstoppable vocaloid fever that won't break. Take your pick. But whatever it is, I'm made it my mission to come up with one-shots that include Shion Kaito, one of my all-time favorite vocaloids.

In Regards to Shion Kaito, is just the name of a collection of one-shot stories that I have that I would like to share on for my fellow Kaito fans. I would wish to expand on these as their own chapter fics, but I'm doing my best to avoid any long fanfic projects. I need to finish what I have already started. I will review the two one-shots I have up in this same post.

So here goes nothing.

The Daughter and the Demon

Okay this setting is tooo irresistible, not to play out. This story is inspired from a Kaito song called "Oni to Musume". I've taken some licensing with the details from the song, and made it my own.

Kaito is a blue oni that is a protector of a sacred spring of water. Thus explaining why he is blue. Miku is a lost maiden in the woods looking for medicine for her sick father. She befriends Kaito and even meets Len, a mischeivous kitsune who also happens to know Kaito very well.

There is a connection between Miku and Kaito, and eventually Kaito invites her to his house where he can make the medicine she needs to deliver to her father.

This one-shot plays with a mysteriously haunting, and aloof Kaito. He expresses a tenderness and an emotional vulnerability that he protects by very monstrous exterior. On the chapter fic version, I had ideas of introducing Akaito as the red oni who had been killed by exorcists monks, years ago, thus building the cautious nature Kaito possesses in this story.

The Unexpected Partnership

This one-shot was fun to do. I know that people don't think about pairing Piko and Kaito together, but well, I just wanted to be one of the few that actually do. (In a bromance)

In this fic, Piko had befriended Kaito, the spoiled son of a wealthy man. So far it had been three years since they first met, and Piko is on his way to visit him. It's been a while since he had seen him last and he wanted to receive some girl advice since well, Kaito is a well practiced womanizer.

Piko's relationship with Kaito is like the friendship between cat and mouse. Naturally Piko often feels like he wants to punch his teeth out, but he cares about him and finds him as only friend that knows and accepts him for who he really is.

As it is revealed at the end of the one-shot, that Kaito sees himself in Piko, and had this feeling of reaching out Piko is a way of redeeming himself, and be able in a way, fight against those personal demons that lurk inside him.

This Kaito is interesting to mess with. I've been wanted to play with a pervy Kaito which seems popular in the fandom and mess with comedy which is one of my secondary strengths in writing.

All in all this was fun to write.

In writing I have started off several one-shots but each are uncompleted. They are waiting for inspiration to mark it's course. I can't really say which ones I'll finish first... But, I can point out that the two runner ups are Kaito/Miki and another Kaito/Miku.

They are my two favorite Kaito pairings BTW...
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