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When the First Love - Chapter 12

Okay, I started pulling hair, to be able to write this chapter down. I needed to go back on my notes and started working more and string more information along. Develop a whole concept, do some research on things here and there, and listen to "Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain" several times to get into Yuuma's very angst mood towards the end.

I also inserted "The Spinning Song" translated English lyrics into this chapter because it is a very beautiful song and it fits the moment so perfectly. Okay, now without further adieu, I will jump into the chapter summary.

When the First Love Dies: 12th Song - Grudges and Regrets

Okay, so around the first part of the chapter, it mirrors Yuuma's side of the conversation he had with Miku, in the 8th song, Cantarella. And yes, let's face it. I was kinda lazy. I didn't want to bother explaining every reaction from Yuuma's perspective. Because, one, it's repetitive, two, it leaves nothing to the imagination and three, it's too damn tedious and I don't want to break my brain. It defeats the purpose of me writing this fic to begin with. To have fun with it. XDDD

I poked at some parts of the convo that wasn't highlighted, like Yuuma's feelings towards Mizki. So yes, afterwards when Yuuma gets home, he finds a nasty surprise: a dead girl in his apartment. And it happens to be Neru Akita no less. So if you don't know that this means, well I'll point it out. She's out of the story. No more Neru. I can be honest and tell you I originally didn't planned on killing her off in this story. She was supposed to be an alternate love interest for Len.

Yes, she was in love with Len. I'm telling you know, because I don't know when I'll be able to point that out in the actual story line.

Okay moving on. Yuuma's family history. It's the driving force of this whole story. And Taito was also sucked into this mess. His death is shrouded with a lot of unanswered questions. How was he really killed? And is his death connected to Yamaha family? And how is Kaito connected to this? How much does Kaito know about this? And what are his feelings regarding this matter? Those are the type of questions I hoped to have provoked.

On another matter, the appearance of Gumi! Yay! She's a bubbly girl that's keeping dirt underneath her rug. That's all I'm saying, lol. One more update is coming soon, and after that will... I might be put this story on hiatus. It really depends thought...
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