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When the First Love - Chapter 10

I noticed that this fanfic is turning out to be a reference to many different vocaloid songs and not just the one that the fanfic is named after. In this one I highlight "Alluring Secret - Black Vow" and in the one before it was "Insanity".

This one is written in Rin Kagemine's POV. This chapter is posted online to read if you haven't read it, so as usual I will provide the link to the chapter below. My chapter review is found after the cut.

When the First Love Dies: 10th Song - Didn't See that Coming

So far, whenever I start writing Rin's character, I secretly wonder to myself if my readers find Rin to be a shallow, abusive older sister to Len. But I like to hope and believe that they don't and they realize that she is actually a character with a lot of depth. She just has boys on the brain and is going through that "teenager phase" that everyone passes through.

I do plan to expand and play out a more matured Rin, in another fanfic that's currently in the works.

Okay so now, we go back to the scene where Rin and Len are planning out for the skit their group is in charged with, and thanks to the mini brainstorming session, the twins come up with the general setting for the "Alluring Secret - Black Vow" plotline.

It's obvious who is going to play the sinful woman, and Rin and Len's roles... but who is playing the vengful angelic lover that shoots Miku in the end? That is the real question right there. lol. You'll find out soon. I find that is a rather unusual role for him, but I can make it work. It's just acting after all...

The best part in this chapter has to be the shopping scene when the twins run into Keine Ron and Matsuda Ppioyo.

As soon as I started writing out Keine Ron's character is was SO fun! Just omg. It's it. I love it. I love his Chinese/Japanese, kuudere, long black hair.. ugh God, forget it. Forget it!

*throws her hands up in the air*

I'm so gonna write ficlets with Keine and Matsuda in it. XDDD The crush with Rin, Keine has was something that came to me while I was writing so I just went with it. I know it's very crack, but well since this Rin loves older men, I'm gonna throw this card at her and see how it flows.

Because honestly, I don't know how she is going to fair against Yuuma. Their personalities crash like water and fire.

Okay now on Len's part. I'm having trouble building up the Miku/Len romance in this story. I am not a huge shipper of the pairing in general, but I find it cute that a younger boy is in love with an older girl. You don't see that often in mainstream stories. But I promise I will hard to develop it and I will put my heart into it.

Will it win out in the end? I don't know. I am very divided on whether Miku's final pairing is either, Kaito, Yuuma or Len. Let's see let's see....

*rubs her hands together*

On a unrelated note. I love Ron and Ppoine (Ppioyo's sister) Awww the concept is to irresistible. End of unrelated note.

Hope you enjoyed this little review. Please look forward to more.
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