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When the First Love - Chapter 9

Here I am again. I've been updating When the First Love Dies pretty often.  I don't know but up until now, the plot of this story has been unraveling fairly quickly and easily in comparison to most of my stories. I vowed myself that I wasn't going to complicate this story like I do to all of them.

But I fail. This fanfic has a whole under wire of drama that begins with this chapter.

Chapter 9 of When the First Love Dies is called Psychopathy and it's voiced by SF-A2 Miki. Originally I didn't plan to feature her as one of the POV's stories, but I have no one connected to Piko Utatane to reveal his role in this story. Well, the chapter itself is currently up to read. The chapter can be found in the link below.

When the First Love Dies: 9th Song - Psychopathy

In the 8th song, Miku Hatsune stated that two weeks had passed. In order to prevent confusion that can easily ensue with switching POV's, I'm running the plot in a single train track, time wise. I will never start a chapter to "recap" for what happens to another character. If at all they will have to reminisce in the key factors, since the time lapse.

Now since that has been stated, the 9th song starts with Miki, two weeks time-lapse, having a conversation with Piko as he introduces her a new "friend" that is so called, in the same "predicament" as he is.

This triggers Miki, to recount the history that Miki has had with Piko over the years, and his gradual descent into his deteriorating personality. The friendship that Miki has with Piko in general is very special. To her, Piko had always been someone who stood out. He became like a rare magical existence, and has come to be irreplaceable to her.

Well, I don't know how to write this down, but, I will write it down anyways. In my mind, I've always wanted to establish Piko as someone with two faces. It's something that I will do for any every story he is written in. Whether he is bipolar, or schizo, or just a person who is two faced hypocrite, for me he will always be someone with two faces.

I see him with the ability to act feminine and masculine at the same time. My favorite side of him would have to be of course his masculine side. I had always loved hearing the deeper range of his voice in songs. As a male vocaloid with the lightest voice, he sound almost breathy when he pitches low and I find it so enjoyable to listen to.

Another factor I like to measure in, is that I usually see how Utatane Piko very connected to his voice provider Piko. I like to regard Utatane, as his own persona. Piko's mannerisms have nothing to do with the singer Piko.

Okay getting back, throughout the past that Miki recounts, I started poking signs of Piko's interest for her growing over the years. So if that wasn't enough, Piko kissed her at the very end and mentioned that he was "Practicing" for her sake.

Well, it means what it means. He's been smooching someone or he's sucking on a lot of lollipops--take your pick. XDDDD

I dropped a HUGE hint on the identity of the hooded man in the very same chapter. But if I point it out, it will be toooo obvious. If you didn't find it well too bad, you'll have catch it a the revelation. The hooded man is the main villain of this story.

Well, what else can I add? Hmmmm... is Miki/Piko the final pairing? I won't lie, most likely. But I'm still playing with other possibilities for Miki. But for Piko's part; I won't find anyone else for him in this story.

Miki has a possibility with Yuuma, Piko and someone else. I was considering Len, as well to throw in the mix because I've always thought Len and Miki could make a nice couple. So don't be surprised when I try to throw them into situations in the future....
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