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When the First Love - Chapter 1 - 8

I haven't been writing fanfiction for over a year. I've been mostly working on original projects. I'm at a point in my life where I need to actually complete something of the many original things that I have.

But, regardless am tempted to be sucked back to my fanfiction projects.

My newest fics that I've started writing is a vocaloid fanfic entitled, "When The First Love Dies" after a Miku song by the same title.

The pairing for is Miku/Kaito. And plays with the drama of an adult being in love with a minor. The ages of all the characters are mostly placed to be correct with the respected vocaloid's listed profiles. Most vocaloids however don't have a listed age.

I've made Kaito out to be 26 years old which is older than what most fans imagine him to be. But in fact that is pretty much a young age. So no worries xDDD

There is a currently 8 chapters out. I'm been posting one every two to three days which is pretty fast. It's approaching to the point where the major villain is going to be introduced.

It's written on first person point of view by seven characters: Kaito, Miku, Meiko, Miki, Len, Rin and Yuuma.

When the First Love Dies: 1st Song - Arigato, Sayonara

Please enjoy, and I will be posting summaries for this story as well.
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