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AoM - Chapter 14

The Art of Manipulation - A Gin/Ruki fic

Yes, people I finally have an update coming. I could just spend this time right now, and rant about all the stupid shit that has happened to me that's got in the way of me typing this chapter up... but it'd be just waste of your time...

Chapter 13 was like the climax to the whole storyline, that doesn't mean that it's going downhill. There's a lot of situations that still needs to be resolved before the end of the fic. And the heist at the Kuchiki Manor is a huge event that I've been setting up since the beginning of the story.

[Chapter hasn't been posted yet]

Chapter 14 - The Faces Behind the Masks

I've receive some reviews that asked about some insight to the other characters that are working with Gin; Halibel, Stark, Nnorita, Ulquirra and Grimmjow. And personally I've been wanting to find some space to explore their character bit in this fic. (Concidering that they are my favorite espada in the series XD)

So this chapter was written with that focus.

The first scene opens up with a bit of a lemonish Gin/Ruki scene. Being honestly, honest... I suck at writing lemons/smut whatever you guys call'ems. I suck. But I really love them. (Who doesn't?! XDDD) I felt it was a bit over-due and I know that most of you guys have been expecting this to happen sooner or later. Am I adding more in the future... hmmm... would like to, but I have to see where I can squeeze it in. There's still gonna be plenty of Gin/Ruki fluff though.

There's also some light hearted humor in this chappie as well. (Gin running away in his underwear for example. XDDD) Grimmjow of course with his trashy language and his role as Mr. Obvious XDDDD.

Now, I try my best to write out the characters as IC (In character) as much as I possibly can. But in an AU it's pretty difficult, since you'd have to improvise and imagine "how would they react" in certain situations that will never happen in the anime/manga. Also, another point a reader should consider is that the writer carries their own opinions on how a Cannon character should be portrayed and it leaks out very much so in an AU fanfic... And so having said such, I pretty much made the characters slightly OOC from here on out...

Ulquiorra - He's not so much devoid of emotion but rather feels that emotion is troublesome. In this chapter he tells Rukia that he's hundreds of years old; meaning he's seen and experienced the same emotions the same situations in variations but with very little difference. I needed an explanation for his unusual appearance and after some brainstorming, I came up with an interesting back story: Ulqui is a descendant of Occult Mages. I'm thinking of the European variety. His appearance is the result of a faulty incantation for immortality casted over him as a child by his parents. The spell transformed into some kind of monster that posses eternal youth and a long lifespan. He states that he is mortal which one can assume that he was probably at the brink of death at some point in his life.

He's probably around 200 years old I would assume. But I'm not going to kill myself with the details since I'm not gonna go any deeper with his personal past. Since this fic seems to be leaning towards a Ruki/harem genre, there is some Ulqui/Ruki inclination in this chapter as Ulqui develops interest in Rukia. He decides to become Rukia's "servant" and swears his loyalty to her much to her dismay. How does this relationship play towards the end of this fic, I am not sure. I'm still figuring out what plans I have for Ulqui in this fic.

There is some comedy that I've played with him in this chapter that I find extremely easy to write out without destroying his character. And it's very similar to how I would play Byakuya. They are both pretty much similar characters; with their key differences, of course.

Grimmjow - Grimmy is a joy to write. I relish every moment, I swear XDDDD. Most common desirable perception of him, is that he's tough, experienced, cool without even trying, and sexually skilled (if you know what I'm sayin' XDDDD). And I kinda threw away most of that and turned it around (I'm sorry?). In this fic, he's a baby kitten bearing it's fangs. He's very young, being around Rukia's age. He struggles hard to prove himself, but his Senpais (more experienced comrades) don't ever take him seriously. And to make it worse; he doesn't know how to deal with women. And with Rukia, he's sort of learning a bit on how to do so. She reacted rather uniquely to his bulling nature and that shook him up abit. He gives her some respect, but then again, he could easily turn it around and start insulting her again. He does have one redeeming factor; he's fearless. A person who would laugh at the face of danger.

Now, like Ulqui, he has some supernatural aspect connected to him. But I haven't pieced it all together yet. I've given him a sort of mysterious aura that creates a very fearful first impression of him, but at the same time, he's this normal-everyday-rough-and-tumble guy that gets constantly tangled in the only situations. Okay, so I want him develop a some sort of personal relationship with Rukia since they can really both relate in some ways. And yes, folks, he's going to develop a little crush on her. But it's not really going to go too far in that regard (I'm sorry TT_TT)

Halibel - I gave her an Egyptian background, explaining her dark skin. Also, I imagined how sexy she would sound speaking in their foreign language. ^///^ She has some connection with Yoruichi. She's part of a clan of grave robbers that eventually became treasure hunters; Yoruichi being their leader.

Halibel is this serious collective character that isn't fazed by words comments and actions done by men. She's also someone who doesn't easily fall in love. She works with Stark as her partner but there really isn't much romance between them; although she did inform Rukia that they do indeed sleep with one another. I suppose you can say they have this kind of "friends with benefits" thing going on. It'd be nice to develop their relationship further, but that would require more time and chapters, and sadly that would cause the storyline to sidetrack heavily. So, you can say that they have the potential of being a couple in the future. (That can be explored if I start on a sequel)

Stark - He's Spaniard and half Japanese. His father being Japanese and his mother being from Spain. I couldn't at all touch base with his background in this chapter and sadly, I won't be able to for the rest of the fic. But I do plan on writing out about of his personal past as a Ficlet titled "I Hate Loneliness, but Loneliness Loves Me..." because writing it into this chapter would make it unnecessarily longer and would just take too long to type in.

He is very relaxed and gives of a "normal guy" feel. He doesn't have the face of a criminal but rathere one of a pampered aristocrat. He isn't stuck-up but not exactly humble either. He's kinda difficult to play but at the same time interesting. Since I'm hispanic, I snuck in a couple of Spanish words into his speech to make it interesting. He reminds me of Shikamaru Nara from Naruto. But I don't want to play him as such, because he isn't.

Nnorita - This is just me assuming, but I feel that he's not too popular with the readers in this fic. But he's my favorite, favorite of the Espada in spite of his unique appearance. Well, he's a very crude person, being sarcastic and even sadistic at times. He has no sense of pity as well as a terrible temper. But under all of that there is a hidden side to him that makes you say, "Wow, that's deep". (At least that's how I feel XP)

I don't plan to develop any love entanglement between him and Rukia. Just to put that out there, to let you guys know. The catch is; Rukia reminds him of Nell. His ex-partner. He has this love/hate thing against Nell, and has this personal mission to track her down and find her one day. (Yes I'm a HUGE Nnori/Nell shipper) None of that is going to be said in this fic. But I'm telling you guys here, because those are the thoughts I write with in this story, the reason why he's so sour against Rukia.

Now, what traits he finds similar? Well, it's just her serious tone of voice and the way she stares. Fierce and unnerving. He assumes at first that he's some girl that sleeps around to throw off the similarities he senses in her. However, in this chapter, Nnorita admits to himself that it isn't so. I also want to work on a ficlet called "Pray, Santa Teresa" which features his past and how he became a bounty hunter.

So, as you guys noticed the storyline is growing deeper with the situation of the heist and Aizen's objectives. The zanpakuto's were spirits in the past but are now dormant entities that reside within their descendant's psyche and resonate through specific weapons. More of that will be expanded upon in chapter 15 & 16, when Rukia is finally reunited the Byakuya.

This chapter has a little bit of everything, now from here on out. The story can only get more interesting.

Thanks for sitting through and reading this, I hope you guys found this interesting. Got any questions, feel free to drop a comment or two. And hopefully I'll get done with Chap 15. See ya then!
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