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Expatriate - Chap 2

The Expatriate - A Ulqui/Ruki fic

And so here is the second chapter... I'm going to jump right into it...

Read Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Guilt

The last chappie sorta left off at a cliff-hangery postion so it screamed for me to write the second one soon afterwards. My mind at this point is heavily leaning into turning this into an Ichi/Ruki fic instead... especially when I concider that they are one of my most fave parings next to Gin/Ruki, Hitsu/Ruki and Ren/Ruki. And I haven't written a good Ichi/Ruki...

NO! *mentally slaps herself* I must stay on track! Hint, hinting... there is probably going to be a triangle between Orihime/Ulqui/Rukia. My gut feeling tells me so. And so even I don't know where I'm going with this Ichi/Ruki thing... I'm just gonna go with the flow see what happens. And what's the point in putting Renji in that scene?! Donno, your guess is as good as mine. I'm probably unconciously trying to write another Rukia/harem fic. I'm very addicted having every guy attracted to her.. it's just so fun to write, so addicting *get shot*

Ahh well, I plan to bring in Ulqui either in the next chap or in the fourth one... I'm sure that by then, I'll be ready to write about him...
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