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New Fanfic: The Expatriate

The Expatriate - A Ulqui/Ruki fic

Wow, it's been a long time hasn't it?! I've been meaning to update this journal in the longest considering that I have a lot to talk about writing-wise. Script frenzy, new ideas, fanfics--in the mists of major reorganization... yeah... whole bunch'o stuff.

Well getting to the focus of this post. New fic! This falls under my series of bleach romances the main focus of this one being Ulqui/Ruki. I sure you guys have wondered what kind of wack title I came up with? *laughs* It's a term I learned in a business class I took last year. If you look it up it just simply means; an outsider/immiagrant someone foriegn that comes to live in a place. In business world it's a employee that transfers to a different country to work at a different branch of the same company. It's such a fancy word for just saying "outsider" that it just stuck in my head grew to be the title for this fic. I've written two chaps for this ages ago and I just wanna put it up. Just because I haven't been updating or tying up anything lately... I've been so busy... like all the time! *sobs dramatically* And it doesn't help that I lack my own internet...

This is supposed to be like another "AoM" intriacate, dramatic with alot of focus on the interior feelings of the characters. This fic is a bit more than just a romance; it's something that makes you think and wonder as you formulate your own opinions on the events throughout the story.

Read chapter 1

Chapter one: Spring

I donno bout other Bleach fic writers but writing anything with Ulqui as the focus is HARD! I found myself re-reading parts of the manga so I can try to get inside his head... in the end it sorta failed.. heheh so I decided to back up and introduce him gradually. I intended to start of the story from his POV... about why he choose to leave, and what's going on with him etc, etc. I'm already comfortable with Rukia so I jumped over to her side and decided to prepair the situation for his arrival instead and it's epic win.

I found myself so emotionally caught up with this since it dealt with suicide. Bya-kun, I feel isn't really the type to succumb so I tried my best to make it as believable as possible. It's just one of those fraigle subjects that highly debatable on so many levels.

And well, Ichigo's strange behavior is practically my personal feelings towards love. It's just something that is not related to fluffy giddness but rather a twisted churn in your stomach that you wish for it to be gone. Because it's something between caring and... you know it's just hard to put into works... but whatever... I'm better off just writing about it indirectly right?
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