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AoM - Chapter 13

The Art of Manipulation - A Gin/Ruki fanfic

I wouldn't be surprised if pitchforks start flying at me... The last time I've updated it was in July... oh god... but in truth, it's not the cause of pure laziness and I'm not hiding behind the shield of writer's block either... Lots of things happened and I mean lots. An old friend of mine committed suicide. Which shocked me tremendously. My car... then school then... the computer.... yeah... but now things are getting back to normal again which means back to writing... I finished the rest of this chapter in about two weeks. Writing every night from 11:00PM - 2:00AM when everyone in the house is sleeping...

Well enough about me...

Read chapter 13

Chapter 13 - In Love with the Impossible

Getting around to write this chapter is one of the most challenging out of all of them so far... I believe after this one, it's all down hill from here. Why? Because I wrote this as I went along. The chapters afterward are all sketched out specifically in a neat little outline...

In the storyline... the time that Rukia spends in the shrine house is not exactly specified in my notes, so that's why I was improvising the events as I went along. All I knew was that in this chapter I had to meet several vital points:

Is there really love between them?
Will they confess to each other?
Do the others have ulterior motives?
What is Gin's plan?
And what is Kira's view in all this?
Hints for the goals that Aizen had strived for in secret.

The chapter takes up 35 written pages front and back, continuing right where the last chapter drops off with Gin taking Rukia back into the shrine house. Throughout it all there are several intense interrogoration scenes where Gin is pressured to speak more directly instead of his more roundabout way.

I'm really interested in seeing more of nnoitra, stark, etc
- NinjaBunnyOverlord -

I expanded more on the other characters that had been recently introduced, there is a whole thing with Grimmjow too! (Remember that kick in the jaw Rukia gave him?) They round up for a meeting on how to go about with the heist but still not much information is leaked out... but rather what Gin does is play with their minds bit by revealing the little oopsie he committed.

What are they do now if their contractor for the job is gone? Hmmmmmmmmm....

This AU really is nothing more than a remixed version of the Bleach anime/manga. The zanpatous as you'll see are a form of alter egos but also they were once much more physical in the ancient past. I just took many of the elements in Bleach and tweaked it a bit stretching it a bit while taking other things away.

There is a flash back of Matsumoto too *sniffles* I know, it's like rubbing salt on an open wound... but I've worked it out really well towards the end.

This chapter's main purpose is the issue that's been challenged this entire time. How do you love a serial killer? How can you love him knowing that this killer was the one who brutally murdered one of your closest friends? And how could you keep wanting him after he's told you the truth without a tinge of regret in his voice? How....

How can a killer would want to suddenly risk everything? Especially after he's failed once before? Convince a normal civilian to live a life as a criminal? A pure innocent life to want to take it into his blood-stained hands knowing that she'll suffer because if it...

Yes... it is impossible... But she fell in love with this impossible... and so did he...

The next chapter explores the background story of the remaining charcters in the shrine house and will also be the last chapter before the group sets off at long last towards the Kuchiki Manor!

See you then!

P.S. OH! and I'm working on pictures to go with this story, it's not going to be much--but yet I still would want to share them...

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