April 12th, 2012

Kaito Miku

When the First Love - Chapter 9

Here I am again. I've been updating When the First Love Dies pretty often.  I don't know but up until now, the plot of this story has been unraveling fairly quickly and easily in comparison to most of my stories. I vowed myself that I wasn't going to complicate this story like I do to all of them.

But I fail. This fanfic has a whole under wire of drama that begins with this chapter.

Chapter 9 of When the First Love Dies is called Psychopathy and it's voiced by SF-A2 Miki. Originally I didn't plan to feature her as one of the POV's stories, but I have no one connected to Piko Utatane to reveal his role in this story. Well, the chapter itself is currently up to read. The chapter can be found in the link below.

When the First Love Dies: 9th Song - Psychopathy

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Kaito Miku

When the First Love - Chapter 10

I noticed that this fanfic is turning out to be a reference to many different vocaloid songs and not just the one that the fanfic is named after. In this one I highlight "Alluring Secret - Black Vow" and in the one before it was "Insanity".

This one is written in Rin Kagemine's POV. This chapter is posted online to read if you haven't read it, so as usual I will provide the link to the chapter below. My chapter review is found after the cut.

When the First Love Dies: 10th Song - Didn't See that Coming

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Kaito Miku

When the First Love - Chapter 12

Okay, I started pulling hair, to be able to write this chapter down. I needed to go back on my notes and started working more and string more information along. Develop a whole concept, do some research on things here and there, and listen to "Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain" several times to get into Yuuma's very angst mood towards the end.

I also inserted "The Spinning Song" translated English lyrics into this chapter because it is a very beautiful song and it fits the moment so perfectly. Okay, now without further adieu, I will jump into the chapter summary.

When the First Love Dies: 12th Song - Grudges and Regrets

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In Regards to Shion Kaito: A collection of one-shots...

Okay, it seems like I love to give myself more work. Or I'm just strung along an unstoppable vocaloid fever that won't break. Take your pick. But whatever it is, I'm made it my mission to come up with one-shots that include Shion Kaito, one of my all-time favorite vocaloids.

In Regards to Shion Kaito, is just the name of a collection of one-shot stories that I have that I would like to share on fanfiction.net for my fellow Kaito fans. I would wish to expand on these as their own chapter fics, but I'm doing my best to avoid any long fanfic projects. I need to finish what I have already started. I will review the two one-shots I have up in this same post.

So here goes nothing.

The Daughter and the Demon

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